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El Camino al Jardín del Paraíso

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The children in the photograph are my children, and on the day I made this potographic effort, I was not sure I would be capable of ever photographing again. There had been a war – now it seems a long time ago, that war called World, volume II – and during my 13th Pacific invasion shell fragments ended my photographic coverage of it. Two painful, helpless years followed my multiple wounding, during which time I had to stifle my restless spirit into a state of impassive, non-creative suspension, while the doctors by their many operations slowly tried to repair me….But now, this day, I would endeavor to refute two years of negation. On this day, for the first time since my injuries, I would try to control the mechanics of the camera; and, as well, I would try to command my creative spirit out of its exile. Urgently, something compelled that this first photograph must not be a failure – pray God that I could so much as physically force a roll of film into the camera! I was determined that this first photograph must sing of more than being a technical accomplishment. Determined that it would speak of a raged against with my war photographs – my last photographs. I was almost desperate in this determination, in my insistence that for some reason this first exposure must have a special quality. I have never quite understood why it had to be thus, why it had to be the first and not the second; why, if not accomplished today, it could not be accomplished next week; yet that day I challenged myself to do it, against my nerves, against my reason…. Whatever the reason – probably more complex that one – I felt, without labeling it as such, that it was to be a day of spiritual decision…. Still, and regardless of the conflict that raged within me, there was no change in my determination, and of my intentions for that first photograph. These woods with these children prancing through them in happiness…. …as against war photographs I had made of a terrified mother and her child wheeling in bewilderment behind a shell-broken tree…

– 1946


  • Smith, W. Eugene, W. Eugene Smith. His Photographs and Notes, New York, Aperture, 1993, ISBN: 0-89381-534-9

Más sobre la historia detrás de la foto en Iconic Photos.

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Martes, 21 octubre 2008 a 11:24 am

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    Martes, 10 febrero 2009 at 1:55 pm

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